Saturday, August 4, 2012

After putting everything together I got to overclocking the little beast, started with the CPU and decided to stop at 4.5Ghz@1.184V, here's a screenshot

I then got to overclocking the GPU (EVGA GTX670) which is a reference 670 card, and the results weren't too shabby. Interestingly, I was able to get a much higher stable OC with Furmark burn-ins than with 3DMark11. So here is my final result with 3DMark11:
Ended up with a stable 1234Mhz(core), 6408Mhz(mem) on the benchmark. I've only been able to test it with one game so far which was DayZ, and I turned up every setting to the highest it goes and I was getting a stable ~60fps in the big cities, but this mod is known for its graphical issues so it's probably not the best indicator as far as games go.
As promised here are some pictures of my latest build: the LanBox aka mini-beast.
I must say the Prodigy has been such a breeze to work with. No complications whatsoever, and as always made easier with a top of the range ASUS motherboard.