Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today my last few bits arrived in the mail and I spent most of the day installing some parts, and doing all the of wiring, and "cable management".

Here are some photos of the finished product:

 I'm quite happy about the way I sorted out the cables on the front door.

 Mmm. Individually sleeved cables!
 Once you go sleeved, you never go back.
 By far the sexiest SSDs at the moment. Such a quality finish, and they perform better than the Intel 520!
 Do you like where I've hidden the Intel 520? =P
 I just had to get a Sony Blu-Ray Writer!
 Hmm it weighs about 50kg now lol! I hadn't tried to lift it since I put it on the table and started to build it. I literally cannot lift it now. Gotta call a friend over to help me carry it into my room. LOL
 It's a bird!.. It's a plane!..
It's a Cosmos II!..

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